Welcome to CasketEmpty Connect! This WordPress site has been set up to provide you with resources and support for your ministry. Whether you are a pastor, a Bible study leader, a school teacher, or a professor, you may have used the CasketEmpty material in your teaching, or heard about it from a friend or pastor. Whatever your context, our goal at CasketEmpty is to help people understand God’s word and equip them to teach it to others. CasketEmpty is a tool designed to help people grasp the redemptive story of the entire Bible. In an increasingly pluralistic and fragmented world, the story of the Bible gives meaning and purpose to our lives. It is the true story of the world with Jesus at its center—and we believe that the biblical story needs to be explained simply, so that people can come to know the God of the Bible and grasp his redemptive plan for their lives.

You may have already used some of the CasketEmpty resources, such as the Old and New Testament Timelines, the Old and New Testament Banners, the Old Testament Study Guide, and the Old Testament PowerPoints. These can all be purchased at www.casketempty.com. We wanted to let you know about some new resources.

New TNT Study Guideestament Study Guide: Fall 2016

Many of you have asked about the New Testament Study Guide. We are anticipating that the NT Study Guide by Dr. David Palmer will be available September 2016. Pre-ordering is available now. A description of the NT Study Guide can be found on casketempty.com.


New Testament PowerPoints

The New Testament Basic PowerPoints comprises over 180 slides that cover the entire New Testament, using the EMPTY acronym. This set provides a visual aid for teaching and preaching on the New Testament; it is designed as a companion to the EMPTY Timeline and Banner. The PowerPoint set introduces people to the acronym EMPTY, including the key dates and icons for each period, and to the story line of the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation. The set also includes slides on every New Testament letter. The PowerPoint set has the same design as the New Testament Timeline, including animations using the EMPTY icons. The New Testament Basic PowerPoint is available on flash drive for PC and Mac users.

Spanish and Portuguese Translation of the Old Testament Timeline

We are excited to announce that the Old Testament CASKET Timeline has recently been translated into Spanish. It is now available on our store site at casketempty.com.

Promotional Material

Many of you have been teaching the Bible using the CasketEmpty material. We now have available promotional material that you can download free of charge from our website, and then upload to order from Staples. You will be able to customize the promotional material, adding your own church information. You can use the invitation, postcard, or poster to advertise your own CasketEmpty Bible study or other Bible teaching you are doing in your church, school, neighborhood, or seminary using the CasketEmpty material.

We want to hear from you!  

CasketEmpty Connect is not simply a website about what we are doing, but about what you are doing with CasketEmpty. We receive emails from people teaching the Bible using CasketEmpty, in places such as Austria, the Bahamas, Canada, England, Finland, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malawi, and throughout the United States. This site has been designed as a place for you to learn about and be encouraged by the teaching ministry of others. If you have taught the Bible using CasketEmpty – whether to eighth-graders, seminary students, your local church, or your home school – we would love to hear about what you have done. If you are able to send us one or two pictures, along with a description of your teaching context, we will post this on this site. Your pictures and description of your teaching experience can be emailed to our Administrative Assistant, Stephenie O’Connell at casketempty@gmail.com, who will then upload your pictures and text. If you have done a video of your teaching, or recorded a song, please email the link to Stephenie. We look forward to hearing from you!

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