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We would love to hear how you are utilizing the CasketEmpty tools in your church or school setting; send your story and any pictures to us @, and with your permission, we will post them here.

Mount Soledad Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA

MSPC went through the CasketEmpty Old Testament material in the Fall of 2015. Their pastor, John Moser, was introduced to the material the previous spring at the West Coast Presbyterian Pastors’ Conference – and has graciously provided us with a summary of their experience, some of the lessons they learned, and the teaching notes he used. They have introductory videos and testimonies on Vimeo at        Pastor Moser’s letter: John Moser_Letter to CE community  Teaching Notes: Abraham 1Abraham 2Abraham 3Abraham 4

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

WPC held a one-day CASKET conference in January 2015. At the same time, their children’s program NEXT Generation held their own CASKET workshop – utilizing the CASKET song written by Lexington Christian Academy, they wrote their own short curriculum and taught it to the children of the conference attendees. The children then shared what they had learned with their parents at the conclusion of the conference! The director of their program, Ashley Krauter, has made many of the materials available to us for your use. They have created CASKET Posters, Casket Children’s Story Time Outline, CASKET Activities, CASKET Placemat, a Nursery Timeline, CASKET for Kids Timeline, and a sign-up CASKET Flyer. We have placed their posters in a .png file for easy banner/poster printing: CASKET Wall Teaching


Orlando, FL:

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando held a 14-week course in the study of the Old Testament. Utilizing CasketEmpty material, Dr. Case Thorp led a class of over 100 people through “the full scope of the Old Testament’s chronological, geographical, historical, cultural and literary context.” He has made available his Study and Reading Guide to us; they have also posted audio lectures and the class syllabus online at

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando - NT EMPTY ClassThey are now going through the New Testament EMPTY study in Fall 2015, and began with 120 students! They are excited to see
what God will be doing in hearts and lives through this study.



Holden, MA:

Holden Chapel in HoldenIMG_8144, MA went through CasketEmpty in one year. They had some of their local artists do a larger version of the acronym to put on the wall, so the whole congregation could see it wherever they were seated; they utilized the timelines downstairs for people as they met and talked about the sermons each Sunday afternoon. According to Rev. Mike Penza, associate pastor, the Lord did a great work through the series…God was glorified, and people really dug into the Old Testament!        Available from Holden Chapel: An Old Testament Reading and Preaching Schedule. We’re grateful to Rev. Penza for making these materials available to the CasketEmpty community – please feel free to use and edit them to meet your class or congregation’s needs with appropriate credit to Rev. Penza and Holden Chapel. PDF – OT Preaching and Reading Schedule or MS Word – OT Preaching and Reading Schedule

Lexington, MA – Grace Chapel:

Rev. Dr. F. Bryan Wilkerson, pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA, sent us an OT preaching outline. We’re grateful to Rev. Wilkerson for making these materials available to the CasketEmpty community – please feel free to use and edit them to meet your class or congregation’s needs with appropriate credit to Rev. Wilkerson and Grace Chapel. MS Word_Living God’s Story – A Preaching Outline PDF_Living God’s Story – A Preaching Outline

Kenya, Africa:

Kenyan pastors at CasketEmpty Conference

Kenyan pastors at CasketEmpty Conference

Africa has been a hotbed of Christian conversion over the past 100 years. In the midst
 this, there 
is now a pressing need for Bibles and Biblical education for pastors and leaders. A team including Daniel Overby, his wife Michelle, and his mother Diana, and a student named Devon that Daniel has been mentoring for two years hosted 2-day Seminars in 3 diverse locations throughout Kenya. Their mission is to build Scriptural depth and breadth in East African ministers who are leading the widespread conversion of Africa. In 2 weeks, they trained over 500 bishops, pastors, and leaders.


Kenyan pastors at CasketEmpty Conference


Kenyan pastors at CasketEmpty Conference


Daniel and Michelle Overby

Daniel and Michelle Overby












Limuru, Kenya:

Jewel Hyun M28M_1 Jewel Hyun M28M_2

Jewel Hyun, founder and President of Matthew 28 Ministries (M28M), a leadership development and training program for women, presents the CasketEmpty timelines as a gift to Dr. Zablon Mutongu, Vice Chancellor of St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. Ms Hyun has been teaching the Bible using CasketEmpty to women in Kenya as part of the M28M program. More information concerning Ms. Hyun’s work may be found at:

Osaka, Japan:

Reiko-san_Osaka, Japan

Reiko-San holds up the Kings portion of our Old Testament timeline, which she translated into Japanese for a church near Osaka, Japan.

Chitipa, MalawiCentral Africa Bible College, Chitipa, Malawi

Aaron Osterbrock taught CasketEmpty at the Central Africa Bible College in Chitipa, Malawi. Approximately 20 students participated over an 8-week semester in May-July 2013.

Here is a short video of the class:

Lexington, MA:

Lexington Christian Academy‘s 7th-grade Bible class created a CasketEmpty song!




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